An independent travel agent is an individual who is authorized to provide trip planning and support for a person or people looking to travel. Depending on the organization that authorized, certified or sponsored them they are able to work directly with major brands. An independent travel agent is usually self-employed and operates their travel agency under their own brand name.

Absolutely! We don’t sell potions and lotions, we sell exotic cities and oceans! 

Travel is an $8 trillion dollar a year industry. It generates more money than the film industry, the sports industry and the health industry. It is something that appeals to people across all ages, genders and demographics whether it’s a 4 year old child wanting to go to Disney World, a college student planning for spring break or a retiree planning for their next cruise. And it is something that creates beautiful life memories for those who do it for pleasure.

It is a wonderful industry to be in long-term and it is something that naturally sells itself as it appeals to many people regardless of their age or where they are in the world.

Through the host agency I work with, the only thing you will need is a love and passion for travel and helping people. In terms of tools you will need reliable internet access since this will be a virtual business.

You do not need to have previous experience working in travel and tourism. Nor do you need to have experience running or managing a business. All of the necessary training and skills you need can be taught virtually or by phone/Skype depending on what works best for you.

No worries! Even among seasoned travelers like myself, few people have traveled everywhere.

When you are an independent travel agent, the world is your classroom! Through our host agency, once you sign up to become an independent travel agent you will have access to free travel catalogs and hundreds of free online travel courses provided by the travel suppliers. You can take different interactive courses and learn about destinations around the world that you may one day desire to visit yourself. And you can earn certifications once you have successfully completed that course. Become a Disney Specialist, a golf holiday specialist or a Mexico specialist. There are many options to choose from and you can take one or many courses depending on your travel agency goals and target market.

Additionally, your network of fellow travel agents who are in different parts of the country and world can also be very valuable in getting more information on specific cities or regions that your clients are interested in.

Yes, you will receive plenty of continuous training and support as long as you need it, utilize it and are able to follow simple instructions. 

You will have the support of a wonderful team that I work with.

No, recruiting is not required.

You can choose to be an independent travel agent only which means you will only be booking travel for family, friends and clients (depending on you).

However, if you prefer, you can build a team of travel agents if you like. It is completely optional.

There is no contract required. You can terminate your travel agency at any time. However, if you are making money, it is not likely you would cancel. We want you to succeed and to prove our belief in the success of our program we have a Risk Free 100% money back guarantee up to the first year of your anniversary. During our travel agent call we will discuss all the details.

There are not any set hours (or a set schedule) you have to commit to. What you give and invest to your agency is what you should expect to receive. You are essentially your own boss and only you can determine how much time and resources you want to invest promoting and sharing your travel agency business.

Upon signing up with our host agency you will be provided with a personal branded booking site that links directly to you. It is professionally laid out and has a photo of you on the site. You will share this specially coded link with family, friends and potential clients and when they book travel through your site you will earn commissions. Their bookings are recorded in your back office of your site allowing you to track when they travel; the commissions you will earn; and promote to them again in the future.

You can also design vacation packages that include everything from rental cars to event tickets and you can earn commissions on every aspect of their travel. 

Booking a trip in advance does not guarantee people will actually take the trip. Occasionally, things come up beyond their control that sometimes prevent them from going. So you will receive your travel commissions within 30-60 days after your client has successfully completed their trip.

Upon completing courses in the host agency’s travel academy, you will be authorized to book travel and work direct with tens of thousands of major travel vendors and suppliers. I completed my course within a few hours and was able to book travel within days after completing the course.

You will be able to work directly with many of the major brand name vendors you are probably familiar with and/or currently book your personal travel with. These include major airlines, major hotels, major rental car companies and major cruise lines, among others.  

Please fill out the contact form on the “Join My Team” page or email me at and I will be happy to get you all the information you need to learn more and/or get you registered on your new travel journey.